Planning A Sydney Home Renovation? Start With These 3 Factors

We’ve seen a huge number of homeowners and landlords go absolutely berserk for home renovations in Sydney in recent months. All of us here at InnovaKitchens have been watching with glee as we see more people looking to beautify and upgrade their living spaces with innovative and creative styles and executions. Being one of the epicenters for fanciful living and lavish extravagance, home renovations in Sydney have their work cut out for them in terms of expectation and planning.

Home renovations in Sydney are a fantastically exciting venture of course, there are so many avenues of approach you can take. There are also so many aspects of the house can be updated, changed up, and enhanced to befit the ideal life you’ve always wanted. The hardest part is of course, the planning stages – where the foundational considerations need to be fairly solidified before the real work begins.

This is where the crux of our blog comes into the limelight. There are a few common errors we see at InnovaKitchens that bring the DIYers to us wondering what went wrong. Fear not, we are going to go through 3 fundamental aspects you should consider before delving into the specifics that will assist you greatly in your Sydney home renovation journey.

Factor 1: Budget

While home renovations in Sydney can be a temptation to splurge on the latest gadgetries and niceties – there has to be an element of relative constraint surrounding your budget. This doesn’t mean just having a ballpark figure in mind, this is the annoying process of breaking down how much you have in your collective savings and having a well-rounded and realistic figure from the get-go.

As you can see from our own collection of budget options, you can do a lot with a little – so don’t fret if your budget isn’t in the realm of Luxe Listings. Just ensure you have a ceiling set up for your Sydney home renovation and aim for that.

Factor 2: Scale

Maybe a full-scale home renovation in Sydney isn’t workable with your current schedule, availability, or budget? That’s okay as well! If you have a particular area of the house that you want to start with first, maybe it’s best to focus on the priority areas in the beginning and time out the rest as you go.

At InnovaKitchens, we’ve seen full Sydney home renovations take place in stages and over longer periods of time to accommodate availabilities and budgets. Settling on the scale of your project will make the execution a lot easier.

Factor 3: Suppliers

We certainly recommend you have a gander at some of the potential suppliers for your home renovation in Sydney before you start. This allows you to budget a lot better and have a more solid timeline that is simpler to maintain when the work begins.

Having a look at paint suppliers and swatches for instance and establish a colour scheme and brand that you like. Perhaps you’ll want to have a look at some boutique solid timber floor options for your new kitchen or living room.

We heartily endorse you having a glance at the wide array of options out there and establish the tone and feel that will inhabit your home renovation in Sydney.

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