Laundry Renovations In Sydney

While a small part of the home, this doesn’t mean your washroom is not essential. At Innovakitchens, we specialise in laundry renovations across Sydney in addition to our home, kitchen, and bathroom makeovers. 



With our help, we can maximise the most out of your space so that you can wash your clothes in peace. You can even have more space to keep all your storage for clothing, bedding, towels, or household products. Our expert laundry renovators in Sydney can give your washroom a space with multiple purposes. Your dream home is never far away with Innovakitchens at your side!

Mapping Out Your Budget Laundry Renovations

If you organise and plan how you want to upscale your washroom, you will be left with the desired result with our affordable laundry renovations. This will help you maximise storage, giving you enough space to wash, fold, and keepsake all your clothes and linen. A great way to decide what to place in the washroom is to ask yourself:

  • What is the purpose of the room?
  • Do you require a bench area or storage?
  • Are you installing or swapping out new appliances?
  • Do you need power points or plumbing?

Another step is to catalogue what particular features you desire in your new washroom for your laundry renovations in Sydney. These typically include:

  • A basin
  • A benchtop
  • A dryer
  • A washing machine
  • Storage space such as cabinetry, cupboards, and shelving

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    First on the list is to consider what type of cabinetry or shelving you would like in the room. These are perfect for keeping your washroom looking minimal without much clutter. As mentioned in the last point, it’s essential to ensure the washroom is well ventilated. In these cases, it is crucial to get storage that is moisture resistant to maintain the appearance and durability of the washroom. Stainless steel is perfect for this, allowing your linen to stay crisp. Options you can choose from our laundry renovations in Sydney for storage include cupboards for your broom or iron and cabinets that are either base, eye-level, or overhead....

    Custom Storage


    There are many different materials used in a kitchen makeover in Sydney. These materials can range from different forms of tiling, tabletop materials, splashback materials and even what facilities to choose from and what they are made of. Different materials suit different designs and offer different advantages in their use.


    A significant step in doing small laundry renovations in Sydney is how you want the room to be organised. It is vital to consider how you will use the space and what kind of chores you would be doing in the room. Will you be simply washing your bedsheet and clothes, or will you also be storing other household items? Another critical question to ask before you embark on our budget laundry renovations is whether your appliances will be placed side by side, stacked or wall mounted? All these questions will help you decide the best layout for your washroom space.


    Ventilation is vital to add to your affordable laundry renovations, particularly if you have no door or window in the room or if you include a dryer in the room. This is to help ward off moisture excess from your taking up your home. If you don’t have a door or window, you’ll have to install ducting right out of the outdoors.


    At Innova Kitchens, we offer different types of designs for your dream kitchen remodel in Sydney.


    These types of designs suit small space apartments, such as one bedroom and/or studio apartments. These designs work by situating all functionality and facilities on one side of a wall, which makes it well suited to environments where space is precious.

    • Booking: We begin a request over email, phone, or online to showcase what you want to get from your laundry renovation in Sydney. From that, we organise your consultation by sending a calendar invite.
    • On-site Consultation: After the booking, you’ll attend our on-site consultation at our laundry renovations in Inner West Sydney, allowing you to give your introductions to the team and discuss your makeover ideas.
    • Drafting: We then develop a draft of the makeover for you to have a look over. This allows you to give your thoughts and decide the overall plan for your washroom. We then tweak and refine the draft until it’s ready to go.
    • Budget Planning: After we’ve organised the project plan, we’ll give you a price for the workload. This will help you save money and cause less stress.’
    • Presentation: After this is all sorted, we’ll take you through a presentation to showcase all the steps involved in the process. Once you’re ready to give the go, then you can begin our budget laundry renovations.
    • Renovations Begin: Once you are satisfied, that is when you can sign the paperwork, and we can start getting to it! Our team members will then takeover the project, keeping you at ease.
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    At Innovakitchens, it is our pride and passion to offer you a revamped washroom for your home. In addition to our affordable laundry renovation services, we can also makeover your bathroom, home, and kitchen. With our customisable options, you can take the lead in how you want your home to look. We can help you flourish your project from start to finish to make sure you can reach the home of your dreams.
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