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At Innovakitchens, we not only specialise in refurbishing your bathroom, kitchen, and laundry but the entire property. From head to toe, floor to floor, and wall to wall, we can give your space just the spruce it needs with our top-of-the-line home renovations in Sydney. A house is not a home just yet – with our help, we can turn yours into one!

We’re here to hold your hand during the whole process to make sure you have your input from start to finish. Our home renovation specialists in Sydney are friendly and highly qualified to enhance any room they step into. Whether you are looking to upscale your property value or turn your space into a liveable one, you can rely on us to do the job justice.

Feel free to speak to our wonderful house renovation builders in Sydney to begin your journey today!

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Home Improvement In Sydney From Wall To Wall

Let’s have a peruse of different revamping ideas you can do in each area of your property from our home renovations in Sydney. Every room holds its own purpose and it’s our job to make the decor suit the ambiance of it. The first area of the property you should consider sprucing up is your chamber and lounge area, two places that are simply designed for relaxation.

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    Living Room Renovations

    The lounge area is the pinnacle point of any property, being the space to entertain and spend time with your loved ones. Because of this, it's important to have an extensive amount of discussion and planning with our home renovation contractors in order for the end product to align with your overall vision of the lounge area. This is an essential step as you must factor in your lifestyle and design theme in order to have the perfect arrangement for the entire space.

    The most important thing in your lounge area is the couch and entertainment set. To encourage more wide space in your household, an open plan might be a better option over a separated space. By demolishing the walls,  you can free up space between the dining, kitchen, and lounge area. This allows you to entertain your guests and allow them to socialise without any barricades.  ...

    With our living room renovations, we can assist to pull together the pieces of the puzzle and help you make a space that’s just right for you. This includes the kind of flooring you would like for your household, starting right from the base. Examples of materials for your flooring include carpet, engineered or solid timber, laminate, vinyl, and more. A great outlet to consider for pristine quality flooring is Oz Timber Flooring, Australia’s favourite for timber floor materials and installation. 

    Bedroom Renovations

    Another area of your property that needs some tender loving care is your chambers. If you are looking to upscale your lounge and chamber area, our home renovations in Sydney can do both. Feel free to take a look online on our site to give you ideas on the kind of look you would like for your chamber. Examples of popular revamping ideas include changing the flooring, wardrobes, and so much more. The possibilities are endless! When it comes to replacing the flooring, materials you can use include carpeting, nylon, and wool which are all highly robust and resistant to damage. Pile options include a loop pile for a more robust but denser feel and a cut pile for a short but smooth to the touch flooring. Another type of flooring you can expect when you renovate the bedroom includes sisal carpet which is quite resilient and bulky, giving you the perfect ground to lie upon. 
    You can even make a big difference to your chamber area by simply adding storage such as a cupboard, built-in shelves, or a wardrobe into the space. Closets are the best storage for clothing and nowadays, come in an array of different options based on your lifestyle and personal preference. These examples include shelving, shoe and pants racks, hanging rails, and other tailored options to make choosing your everyday outfits a whole lot easier.

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    At Innovakitchens, we are intent on providing each of our clients with a full-scale professional home renovation in Sydney. Whether you are looking to upgrade your kitchen, bathroom, laundry, chamber, or lounge area, we can help turn your property into a place you’d want to live in. Our team of home renovation specialists in Sydney places our clients at the utmost priority, making sure they are a part of the whole makeover process from beginning to end. We know first and foremost how important it is your surroundings are for your peace of mind. You can be assured that we’ll build your household from the ground up, making sure it aligns with your vision. Speak to our team today to set you up with one of our expert technicians. At Innovakitchens, home is never too far away.

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