Home Renovations In Castle Hill

Castle Hill has become a popular suburb for prospective and current household owners to reside in, with its charming houses and lush greeneries. For these reasons, property holders are looking towards home renovations to ensure their property is looking its best for years to come.

Refurbishing your property is a great stepping stone to turning it into a place you’ve always dreamt of having. By doing so, you can take out the stress that comes with selling, re-buying, and moving away, allowing you to perfectly and swiftly have a house that ticks all the boxes.

At Innovakitchens, we specialise in providing small-scale to full-scale home renovations in Castle Hill and surrounding areas. Whether you want to fix one part of the house to the whole property, we can transform your space into one you truly love living in.


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Bathroom Renovations

Are your toilet and shower looking a little lacklustre? If you’re looking to transform your property, a great way to start is by doing a bathroom renovation. Since you typically start and end the day in the space, you could largely benefit by having the room feel like a personal retreat.

Our customised service works to tailor the space to fit your lifestyle and preferences as well as make it practical for use. By changing your lighting, replacing your vanity and fixtures, or adding new tiling, we can make a design that is tailormade for you.

Your Brand New Interior Awaits

Ready to experience the difference?

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Kitchen Renovations

Cooking and preparing meals is a daily domestic ritual, which is why it’s essential to give your cookery and dining area the TLC it deserves. A kitchen renovation is a perfect avenue to upscale your property and amazes anyone who walks through your door. Our team of professional builders can remodel the space from top to bottom to fit work with your lifestyle and make it functional to your day-to-day schedule.

Whether you’d like to add an island, rearrange your cabinetry, or put in double sinks, we can make anything you’ve ever dreamt of for your house possible. If you’d like to do a kitchen renovation on your Castle Hill property, we can guarantee that it’ll be a worthwhile investment.

Laundry Renovations

The most neglected part of any property is your washroom which is a missed opportunity to simplify your household duties. At Innovakitchens, we offer state-of-the-art laundry renovations with all the latest features that can make the space more functional for you. Whether you’d like to increase your storage for your bedding, linen, and towels, add an ironing board cabinet, or install ventilation ducts, we can make it all possible.

You can fold your linen, store your household items, and dry your clothes, without any worries whatsoever.

A Refurbish That Flourishes Your Property

At Innovakitchens, we pride ourselves on giving our clients a household they enjoy every waking moment in. From your bedroom to your bathtub, we can provide room-to-room makeovers that not only is aesthetically charming but practical for everyday use.

Our customer-approach services work to focus all our attention on the needs and preferences of each of our clients to guarantee the end-result suits their vision for the space. With our help, we aim to further improve your quality of life and make you feel comfortable while in your abode.

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