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Whether you’re building a new home from the ground up or simply looking to upgrade, our expertise and prowess for budget bathroom renovations in Sydney can make your dream home come to life. InnovaKitchens offer incredible and affordable bathroom renovations using reliable materials and a team of trained and experienced professionals.

We work with YOU and together we will make your dream home a reality.

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Design & Transformation


InnovaKitchens have the expressed belief that there is no such thing as a singular style; like our clients, an affordable bathroom renovation should reflect the unique aesthetic that makes a house, a home. As such, our services come with an assurance of earmarked quality and professionalism, from the materials, planning, design, and overall execution of budget bathroom renovations in Sydney.

Budget Bathroom Renovations In Sydney From InnovaKitchens Include:

  • Measurement & Quote
  • Tile & Existing Strip-Outs
  • Waterproofing
  • Demolition Services (If Required)
  • Wholesale Costing
  • De-cluttering & Complete Clean Upon Completion of Project
  • Proficient Design & Remodeling Services
  • Professional Installations
  • Electrical & Plumbing Optimisation From Licensed Tradespeople

The team here at InnovaKitchens are always looking for the next trend to incorporate into our existing line-up of affordable bathroom renovations in Sydney, we are constantly seeking the best route to bring the latest and greatest services to our clients. There’s no project too grand or too minor, we cover the gamut of large and small bathroom renovations in Sydney that ensure your new addition is encased with InnovaKitchens quality.

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    Your Brand New Interior Awaits

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    Budget bathroom renovations in Sydney have been steadily focusing on marrying practicality and decadence in rather unique ways. The first consideration is always the space you have to work with, everyone has a different layout in mind, and varied spaces to work with.


    Walk-in showers/wet-room style designs with minimalism and simplicity as a base have seen an increase in demand thanks to the affordability and aesthetical benefit they give to a space. The shower screen has seen a fair share of adjustments as well – the age-old question of to frame or not to frame adding an additional layer of intrigue. We’ve seen clients move from the traditional framed shower screen options and into the modern and clean-cut look of semi-framed or frameless installations for their budget bathroom renovation....

    Wall Mounts & Cabinetry

    Wall Mounts & Cabinetry

    Wall-mounted sinks, vanities, and toilets have also become more popular for small bathroom renovations in Sydney as they create a more aired spatial feel in tighter spaces. Cabinetry finish options are also becoming more diversified, laminate and polyurethane being the dominant options in the space. Each finish allows for a nuanced look and telltale sheen that adds some gravitas and unique appeal.

    Tile Choices

    Bathroom flooring and walls need to be sturdy, water-proof, and reliable in all temperatures. As far as materials, there’s really two dominant choices in the space: ceramic and porcelain tiles. Ceramic tiles are sturdier, less porous, and wildly long-lasting. They are a little more expensive but add a tremendous gravitas to your renovation. Porcelain is much easier to cut and is a lot lighter than ceramics, they are also more inexpensive.

    The Step-By-Step Breakdown

    • Layouts & Measurements: On the first visit we’ll conduct the standard measurements and get a rough layout of the space you’re working with. We’ll also discuss and work with you in determining locations for each facet (shower, toilet etc.) with the layout in mind.
    • Demolitions & Removals: After we’re set, we can begin stripping out the old to make way for the new. Old appliances, cabinetry and tiling is removed (as required).
    • Rough-Ins & Wall Rendering: Once the space is clear and clean, we move onto the plumbing rough-ins, essentially measuring and accurately marking the spaces where plumbing work will be conducted. After-which we move straight into wall rendering to smoothen out the wall and prepare the space for tiling later on.
    • Waterproofing & Cement Bedding: ▪ The waterproofing has to be impeccable and up to official code. Waterproofing keeps leaks and cracks from occurring down the line – we have dedicated waterproofing experts at InnovaKitchens who install an acrylic or polyurethane membrane (especially on shower floors and especially moisture-prone areas). We’ll then follow with cement bedding to ensure that all water waste is able to drain efficiently and to avoid pooling.
    • Tiles & Plumber/Electrical Fit Off: Once the foundational steps have been taken care of, we move straight into the tiling. Paying special attention to depth requirements for optimal drainage fall (mosaic tiles take a little longer due to their specificity and pattern). Once that dries, we can begin moving the fixtures and fittings in, gathering electrical and plumbing teams to properly install lights, exhaust fans, basins, taps etc.
    • Larger Installations: ▪ Once that’s done, we will move directly into shower and screen installation as well as mirrors.
    • Jointing, Clean, & Clear: Your budget bathroom renovation is almost there! After a thorough cleanup and removal of excess material and grout, we’ll conduct the necessary silicone jointing around edges of the installations to minimize water seepage.
    That’s it! Your budget bathroom renovation is then complete!

    Common Queries

    We receive a large number of questions surrounding budget bathroom renovations in Sydney that fall under similar terrains.

    How Much Will It Cost?

    One of the most common queries we receive, after all, we do offer the most affordable bathroom renovations in Sydney, but what about brass tacks? Each project will vary in terms of pricing, it all depends on what you’re looking to do, how large the space is, and material choices.
    Common Queries

    Are You Licensed & Accredited?

    Absolutely, we are accredited and licensed and ensure that all work being carried out in your home is done so by licensed tradespeople and partners. We maintain stellar code practices and assure adherence to the Plumbing Code of Australia, which is the governing and technical standard for NSW and Australia.

    The InnovaKitchens Difference

    Every company is a little different, we take pride in being the foremost provider of quality-assured and affordable bathroom renovations in Sydney. We’re the top of our field thanks to a simple and effective process. We’ll never apply pressure; we want you to be confident and excited about the road ahead.

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    • Affordable and competitive pricing
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