4 Decorating Tips From Your Sydney Renovation Specialists

If there’s one thing decoration and design we’ve learned as renovation specialists in Sydney, it’s that there are a monumental number of ways to create an aesthetic and feel that is wholly unique for your space.

As you begin planning your Innova Kitchens reno with our Sydney renovation specialists, one of the most enjoyable stages of the whole process is imagining all the different ways you can decorate and create a personal style for your new project.

With so many different avenues that can impact the overall result, from material types to furnishings – you’re really spoilt for choice. This can sometimes cause a delay in decision-making as there are a cavalcade of possibilities for how to present your dream home.

We’re not just renovation specialists in Sydney, we’re homeowners too! So today, we’re going to share a few of our favourite decorating tips and approaches that have been used to fantastic acclaim by our clients. Keeping these in mind will certainly assist you in developing your own style and become a renovation specialist in your own way.

1) From Floor To Ceiling

One of the first choices you’ll be making with your Sydney renovation specialists is the overall style and look for the major components of the room – this usually involves the flooring/tiling and general aesthetical planning for the project.

Choosing whether you want a nice solid oak walkway from Oz Timber Floor, or a sophisticated handcrafted slate from Bellstone – the choice made here will be the literal foundation for the rest of the room. Take some time to consider the various pros and cons for each material type, and the rooms intended use. It also helps to have a colour palate or design style in mind before you begin.

Speaking of colours…

2) Colourful Combinations

As renovation specialists, we can attest to the vital importance of intent and colour coordination when designing and decorating a room. It can be the defining factor between a room that is not quite right, and one that is spectacular and makes a beautiful impact.

If you’re thinking about a Bathroom Renovation for instance, it helps to have a gander at some of the examples we’ve provided on our page. You’ll be surprised at what you can achieve in terms of a modern and sophisticated mood with a few simple colour choices.

3) It’s All About The Little Things

While not necessary in the planning stages of the project, the best renovation specialists in Sydney will always suggest that you have an idea of furniture styles and placement plans. The chairs are often said to be the shoes of any given room – they can make or break the outfit. If you have an idea, or even have purchased the furnishings that you’ll be placing in the completed room, we can suggest more relatable changes for the room we’re planning.

4) Ask All The Questions!

We get asked a lot of questions here at Innova Kitchens, from design queries to deliverables for a dream reno. We’ve been happy to answer these questions as renovation specialists, in the end we are usually able to give some inspiration or explanation to our clients which makes a big difference. We will always encourage you to ask all the questions you want! Renovation specialists worth the time and money should have a suggestion or two up their sleeve when planning a reno – we are no exception.

The team at Innova Kitchens are ready and waiting for your call – we’re the renovation specialists Sydney trusts the most. Find out why today!

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